Tre Cadillac elbilar kommer

Tre Cadillac elbilar kommer

  1.  Tre Cadillac elbilar kommer

Cadillac has just begun ramping up production of the Lyriq, but the automaker is already looking ahead to what’s next.

On Wednesday, Cadillac Global Vice President Ron Harvey said three new electric cars will debut in 2023, during a media briefing.


All three of these EVs will go into production in 2024, according to Harvey Tre Cadillac elbilar kommer.

However, the actual sales launches will be staggered for some markets. Harvey noted that some of these models will be built and sold in multiple markets, which will result in production starting at different times.

While Harvey wouldn’t comment on what types of vehicles the new EVs are, Cadillac laid out a road map for its electric future in 2020. That map included the flagship Lyriq, the Celestiq, an available crossover SUV like the XT4, an Escalade-like EV, and a ”global size” three-row SUV with an emphasis on space and cargo capacity.

In 2019, Cadillac committed to ditching the boring alphanumeric naming structure and giving models real names again. Lyriq and Celestiq started that transition. The automaker has trademarked Ascendiq, Optiq, Symboliq, Vistiq, Lumistiq and Escalade IQL, pointing to potential names for the new electric cars.

Start of Cadillac Lyriq production at General Motors' Spring Hill Manufacturing plant

Start of Cadillac Lyriq production at General Motors’ Spring Hill Manufacturing plant

Lyriq ramps

On Lyriq’s slow ramp, Harvey said production will be sped up. Only 122 Lyriqs were delivered in 2022.

By the end of this week, Harvey said 1,000 Lyriqs will have been shipped in the past 30 days as production continues to ramp up.

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The slow ramp was purposeful, according to Harvey, in an effort to catch bugs and other issues. A software bug occurred during early production, he said Tre Cadillac elbilar kommer.

At the current production rate, Cadillac plans to deliver all Debut Edition Lyriqs by the end of the first quarter, although Harvey would not reveal how many Debut Edition models the automaker will build.

Some 2023 Lyriq orders will be pushed into the 2024 model year due to the slow ramp.

Harvey also confirmed that production of the Celestiq will start in December Tre Cadillac elbilar kommer.

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