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Maserati GranTurismo First Drive

Maserati GranTurismo First Drive

 Maserati Gran Turismo First Drive

Maserati isn’t giving up. It’s not just business; it’s also personal. There’s a big chunk of its heritage built on four-seater coupes, so it completely reinvented the Gran Turismo instead of throwing the nameplate into the darkest locker of automotive history.

Maserati GranTurismo First Drive

Maserati GranTurismo First Drive

 dozens of cars positioned in the gran turismo segment for decades Maserati GranTurismo First Drive .

 rest of the range. It houses a camera, and it’s only fitted to GranTurismo models ordered with the digital rear-view mirror. I learned that integrating it into the trunk lid, like a rear-view camera, wouldn’t have provided sufficient visibility Maserati GranTurismo First Drive.



 Maserati GranTurismo First Drive


What we have, then, is a big, luxurious coupe with a front-mounted engine and four seats — that’s exactly what the old GranTurismo was as well, but the two models couldn’t be more different under the sheet metal this application it works . Maserati stuffed the V6 close to the firewall — it’s almost entirely behind the front axle — and this improves handling by evening out the weight distribution, which now to the touch-sensitive slider on the right side of the bottom touchscreen, and Busse’s claim that the instrument cluster is right in the driver’s line of sight rings true. We often associate Italian cars with unergonomic, quirky design, and this reputation hasn’t always been unwarranted (have you ever tried to roll down the front windows in an Alfa Romeo Milano? 


 The throttle response is sharp, and the six-cylinder sings a beautiful song — it’s not as sonorous as the old, naturally-aspirated V8, but it has the character and the soundtrack you expect from an exotic Italian engine . It also develops more power, the now-retired Ferrari-built V8 was rated at 454 horsepower in its ultimate evolution, and it’s complemented by a quick, direct steering system that doesn’t feel overly or annoyingly artificial .

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On a secondary level, the second-generation Gran Turismo pelts Maserati into the electric car segment for the first time. The company’s first series-produced EV wears the Folgore nameplate, which translates to ”thunderbolt” in Italian, and it’s built on the same basic platform as the V6-powered Gran Turismo — Maserati makes both variants on the same assembly line.

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