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    Audi TT

    Audi TT Production for the iconic sports coupe, the Audi TT, will soon come to an end. The car started production back in 1998 and the Final Edition will be the last version of it. The 2023 model will be the ultimate TT to be sold in the US market, while the Final Edition will be sold in the UK.…

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  • Luxury carsFerrari Purosangue kommer att kosta 398 350 USD

    Ferrari Purosangue kommer att kosta 398 350 USD

    The Ferrari Purosangue will cost $398,350 Ferrari Purosangue kommer att kosta 398 350 USD Ferrari Purosangue will cost 398,350 USD Ferrari Purosangue is the Italian automaker’s way of catering to a new segment of customers. As expected from the Prancing stable, the car is well designed and powered by a high-revving naturally aspirated V12 engine. But now the company has…

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  • Newscadillac_100859922_h.jpg

    Tre Cadillac elbilar kommer

     Tre Cadillac elbilar kommer Cadillac has just begun ramping up production of the Lyriq, but the automaker is already looking ahead to what’s next. On Wednesday, Cadillac Global Vice President Ron Harvey said three new electric cars will debut in 2023, during a media briefing.   All three of these EVs will go into production in 2024, according to Harvey…

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  • Luxury carsRolls-Royce-Spectre-leaked-image-1.jpg

    Rolls-Royce electric cars

    Rolls-Royce electric cars Rolls Royce kommer att vara ett helelektriskt märke från 2030.Rolls-Royce electric cars  Lyxbilstillverkarens första helelektriska modell, Spectre, kommer att börja säljas senare i år. Kan du föreställa dig dagen då vi säger Rolls-Royce EV-bilar? Rolls-Royces resa från V12 till EV Rolls-Royce electric cars Torsten Muller-Otvos, VD på Rolls-Royce Cars, bekräftade för media att befintliga modellserier skulle förbli…

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  • Luxury cars2023_land_rover_range_rover_sv_lansdowne_001.jpg

    Range Rover SV Lansdowne 2024

    Range Rover SV Lansdowne 2024 Range Rover SV Lansdowne 2024 Land Rover put its Special Vehicles (SV) division to work on another special called the Lansdowne Edition. Don’t worry, you can’t buy it – it’s limited to the UK, Land Rover is only making 16 of them, production is pre-selling at £250,000 ($301,565 US) a pop. The automaker didn’t explain…

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    rolls-royce spectre

    Rolls-royce spectre Rolls-Royce’s first mass-produced electric car, the Specter unveiled in 2022, will not be the last. The BMW-owned company announced that every new car launched after 2030 will be electric only, although it stressed that there is still room in the range for V12-powered models rolls-royce spectre. ”All future Rolls-Royces, new ones, will only be electric while maintaining what…

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  • Technologyhero-image.jpg

    How long does it take to charge a Tesla Model X

      How long does it take to charge a Tesla Model X Statevolt acquires site in Imperial Valley, California, to build battery gigafactory How long does it take to charge a Tesla Model X PostedFebruary 14, 2023by Marilyn Burkley & filed under Newswire, The Tech. How long does it take to charge a Tesla Model X Battery startup Statevolt has…

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  • Newstata_starbus_ev-sixteen_nine.jpeg

    tata nano electric car

    tata nano electric car Tata Motors will operate 1,500 electric buses for Delhi Transport PostedFebruary 14, 2023past Nikola Potrebic & in under Fleets and Infrastructure, Newswire, The Vehicles. Tata Motors and its subsidiary TML CV Mobility Solutions have signed an agreement with the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) to operate 1,500 electric buses in New Delhi tata nano electric car. Under…

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  • Newstesla-supercharger-station-v3-las-vegas_100708601_h.jpg

    Tesla Supercharge

    Tesla Supercharge Tesla Supercharge Tesla will have to open its Supercharger network to electric cars from other brands to qualify for federal funding, Reuters reported on Friday. The Transportation Department is expected this week to detail standards for charging infrastructure for electric cars to qualify for $7.5 billion set aside in the Biden administration’s infrastructure law, which aims to create…

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  • EV Chargingford-mustang-mach-e-f-150-lightning-getting-catl-lfp-batteries_100874887_h.jpg

    Ford ev battery problems

    Ford ev battery problems Ford announced Monday that it plans to install lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries in its Mustang Mach-E starting later in calendar year 2023 and its F-150 Lightning in calendar year 2024. The shift will potentially lower EV prices, although that will ”depend on what happens with the market,” according to Ford Model E chief customer officer…

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