Batteriproblem stoppar produktionen

Batteriproblem stoppar produktionen

Battery problems stop production

Batteriproblem stoppar produktionen Battery problems stop production Production and deliveries of the Ford F-150 Lightning have been halted, although sales continue Batteriproblem stoppar produktionen.

On Tuesday, Ford spokeswoman Emma Bergg confirmed to EVguiden Reports that a stop-build and stop-in-transit order has been issued for the F-150 Lightning pickup due to a potential battery issue.


Ford confirmed on Wednesday that the problem was related to the battery, with a flasher catching fire outside, while undergoing its pre-shipment quality control. It has yet to reveal more information about the nature of the matter Batteriproblem stoppar produktionen.

The problem, first reported as a fire late Wednesday by the Detroit Free Press, occurred where vehicles are being held for these quality checks, the company clarified, and it will continue to hold the vehicles already in production while it works through engineering and process updates Batteriproblem stoppar produktionen .

Ford has not issued a final sales order Battery problems stop production (Batteriproblem stoppar produktionen)


The company has said it has no reason to believe that trucks already in customer hands are affected by the issue, and the automaker is not aware of any incidents or problems associated with customer-owned trucks at this time Batteriproblem stoppar produktionen.

But on Wednesday, Begg noted that Ford has identified the ”likely population of vehicles affected by the problem” — perhaps an early indication that a recall could be initiated if it is later found to affect any customer vehicles.

The engineering team is currently determining the root cause of the potential problem, and a timeline has not been given for when stop construction and stop-in-transit orders will be reversed.

Se även  2023 Ford F-150 Lightning ger lite mer räckvidd för mycket mer pengar

The Ford F-150 Lightning was named EVguiden Report’s Best Car To Buy 2023 for its transformative effect on the pickup truck and electric car market.

Ford’s electric pickup has received three major price increases since it went on sale just under a year ago. The current base price of $57,869 is almost 40% higher than the original pricing.

On Monday, Ford announced a new battery factory, which will play a key role in making the automaker’s electric cars affordable.

This story was originally published on February 14 and received two updates to reflect additional information from February 15.

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