Laddade elbilar

Laddade elbilar

Charged electric cars

Ford to build new LFP battery factory in Michigan Charged electric cars


 BlueOval Battery Park Michigan will initially employ 2,500 people when production starts in 2026.

Charged electric cars

characteristics tailored to their needs. As the company rapidly scales EV production, the introduction of LFP batteries will also allow Ford to produce more vehicles Laddade elbilar.

LFP batteries are very durable, and can withstand more frequent and faster charging and use fewer high-cost materials compared to NCM batteries. Bringing this new LFP plant to America will also reduce shipping and import costs, and allow Ford to take full advantage of the incentives found in the Inflation Reduction Act Laddade elbilar.

Ford will introduce LFP batteries for the Mustang Mach-E this year, and for the F-150 Lightning in 2024, to increase production capacity and reduce customer wait times Laddade elbilar.

Ford says that when the facility comes online in 2026, it will produce one of the cheapest American-made Laddade elbilar batteries, allowing the automaker to contain or even lower electric car prices for customers. Initial capacity will be 35 GWh per year – enough to power around 400,000 electric cars Laddade elbilar.

Source: Ford

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Laddade elbilar

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