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Cadillac CT4 review

Cadillac CT4 review

Cadillac CT4 review

Pros: Affordable entry point for a Cadillac; engaging steering and action; Blackwing is incredibly fun Cadillac CT4 review

Cons: Lack luster interior; cramped rear seat; small trunk Cadillac CT4 review

Cadillac CT4 review


What are the CT4 interior and in-car technology like?



How big is the Cadillac CT4 review?

However, this does not translate into a comparable interior space advantage because of the CT4’s rear-wheel-drive platform.




What’s the CT4 like to drive?

It’s legitimately fun You also just feel things. 

. There’s certainly no arguing about performance, though. T. Lower gears remain selected to keep revs high and downshifts are perfectly timed and executed when braking into turns. Few automatics do a better job.

Cadillac Escalade with Super Cruise. GM keeps improving this technology, which now works on over 400,000 miles of North American roads.

What other Cadillac CT4 reviews can I read?


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2021 Cadillac CT4 Luggage Test

 The trunk hasn’t grown since this test, but a 2023 model we recently drove didn’t have any quality issues with the gooseneck hinge.




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What is the 2023 CT4 price?

The “Luxury” model represents the entry-level CT4 dual-zone climate control , an 8-inch touchscreen interface, wirelessly connected Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. and an eight-speaker sound system.

The Premium Luxury adds some key feature upgrades to live up to its “Premium” name, including driver assistance tech, but the main pickup (and reason to get it) is its 2.7-liter engine. It’s still offered exclusively with the 2.0-liter engine, but includes blacked-out trim, unique wheels, and sport-themed interior surfaces and accents.

Se även  Cadillac lägger till "Blackwing"-märket till hi-po V-Series sedaner

The CT4-V is the entry-level performance trim. It comes standard with the enhanced 2.7-liter engine and adds a mechanical limited-slip differential, bigger brakes, Magnetic Ride Control 4.0 and V-specific wheels. Both summer and all-season tires are available. And then there’s Blackwing.  A performance data recorder and exterior carbon fiber aerodynamic components are also available.

Below you’ll find the base prices for each trim, including the $1,395 destination fee, and Autoblog has the full pricing, specs and feature breakdown for the CT4 and CT4-V (including the Blackwing).

  • Luxury RWD: $35,790
  • Luxury AWD: $37,790
  • Premium Luxury 2.0 RWD: $40,690
  • Premium Luxury 2.0 AWD: $42,690
  • Premium Luxury 2.7 RWD: $45,790
  • Premium Luxury 2.7 AWD: $47,790
  • Sport RWD: $41,890
  • Sport AWD: $43,890
  • CT4-V RWD: $47,990
  • CT4-V AWD: $48,490
  • CT4-V Blackwing (RWD only): $62,390
  • CT4-V Blackwing Track Editions: $TBD


The 2022 Cadillac CT4 Luxury model comes with no advanced safety systems standard, although forward collision warning with pedestrian detection and automatic emergency braking are standard on all other trim levels. The Driver Awareness Plus package adds lane-departure warning, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot warning and rear cross-traffic warning.

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