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Porsche vehicles A possible problem with the coolant pump for the HVAC system is causing Porsche to recall 24,467 units of the Panamera from the 2017 to 2020 model years. Bentley is recalling 650 examples of its 2020 Continental GT sibling for the same issue. Porsche was notified of a failure in the external heat pump for the Panamera’s climate control in December 2022. An automaker’s investigation found that it is possible for excess moisture or even liquid to get past the pump seals and short circuit the pump’s circuit board and connector. In rare cases, the fault can cause a fire. This can happen even when the engine is switched off because the cars in question are equipped with a residual heat function that continues to heat the passenger compartment after switching off.

Panames built after July 26, 2021 were fitted with a different pump. The Stuttgart automaker’s field analysis showed ”a very small number of cases of thermal damage possibly attributable to this problem.” Bentley changed the part in July 2019 to a model with a pressure compensating seal Porsche vehicles.

Porsche vehicles

Porsche said it will begin notifying owners on March 27. It also said it will reimburse all Panamera owners who paid to have the part fixed prior to this recall. The fix is ​​a trip to the dealer for a new pump with a better seal, sourced from a new supplier. Bentley will begin notifying owners the same day. In Bentley’s case, however, the automaker says ”A hardware change will be required but the final solution is currently under investigation and cannot be confirmed at this time.” Since the automaker moved to a new pump that is not part of the recall population, we’re not sure why a fix is ​​still under investigation.

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Porsche owners can contact Porsche Customer Service at 800-767-7243 and refer to internal recall number APA1. Bentley owners can call 800-777-6923 and refer to RE23/02 (RC67). Anyone in that group can go directly to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration at 888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153) or, citing campaign number 23V033 for the Panamera or 23V034 for the Bentley.


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