Mini Cooper prodution

Mini Cooper prodution

Mini Cooper prodution

Want an all-electric convertible?

Mini Cooper prodution There are no options left for the US; but if you’re in Europe, you’re in luck, with a Mini Cooper SE Cabriolet likely to be available for slightly less than exotic car prices.


Back in July, Mini teased the idea of ​​an affordable electric convertible as part of a ”fully electrified model family” that will coexist with combustion models for a few years Mini Cooper prodution.

Now it’s already charging that idea into a very special edition. From April 2023, the Mini Cooper SE Cabriolet will be offered on the continent, in a limited edition of 999 vehicles.

”Following the positive feedback on the unique example presented in the summer of 2022, MINI is now moving forward with a small series of the all-electric MINI Cooper SE Cabriolet,” the brand confirmed on Tuesday.

MINI Cooper SE Cabriolet (Euro spec)

MINI Cooper prodution SE Cabriolet (Euro spec)

The Cooper SE Cabriolet is 151.6 inches long, 68.0 inches wide and 56.2 inches tall — all numbers carried over mainly from the gasoline Mini Cooper hardtop — and it’s built on the same 98.2-inch wheelbase Mini Cooper prodution.

Mini says the Cabriolet will be offered in Enigmatic Black and White Silver exterior tones, with bronze-finished door handles and other details and model lettering in black. The motorized soft top can be driven at up to 30 km/h.

With the same 181-hp front-wheel electric motor as the Cooper SE, it can accelerate to 62 mph in 8.2 seconds. That’s about a second and a half slower than the Mini Cooper SE, and it suggests the Cooper SE Cabriolet could be several hundred pounds heavier than the hardtop, perhaps bringing the curb weight closer to 3,500 pounds.

The 2023 Mini Cooper SE is rated at 114 miles of US EPA range, from a 32.6-kwh battery pack. Based on the European WLTP cycle, which tends to be more optimistic than the US EPA cycle, Mini says the Cooper Cabriolet will manage 125 miles on a charge – a 13% reduction compared to the 144 miles the SE hardtop gets on the same cycle – so it could amount to only about 100 miles of US EPA range, should Mini consider bringing any of these Stateside.

While 100 miles may seem silly to America, it can be a great formula for fun. It sounds like it could be enough for a couple of hours of beach cruising – or top-down commuting – all without hearing and smelling exhaust fumes.

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