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McLaren patents triple motor shaft

McLaren patents triple motor shaft

  1.  McLaren patents triple motor shaft

Supercar manufacturer McLaren has applied for a new patent. This time it’s about an electric powertrain. The automaker has patented a triple engine setup on a single drive shaft McLaren patents triple motor shaft.

McLaren’s triple motor shaft patent McLaren patents triple motor shaft

According to the posted pictures, the axle consists of a differential with a motor at each end. This means that there is a primary motor at the input of the differential along with a motor each at the output of the differential. This makes it three motors on one axle. All of these are housed in a lightweight magnesium or aluminum case.

The possibilities with these three engines are endless. These motors will not only work in tandem, but also for torque vectoring and regenerative braking. In fact, McLaren might be able to brake one of the engines and drive the opposite end to reduce power more effectively.

Applications of this system

McLaren further states that this system will not be limited to only all-electric vehicles. According to the patent information, several applications can use this powertrain. Some of the examples include pairing it with a traditional battery pack, or a hydrogen fuel cell, or a bunch of supercapacitors. In addition, a hybrid car can also find itself with this system. In this case, the triple motors would drive one shaft while the other would get its power from the conventional motor McLaren patents triple motor shaft.

McLaren could use this in their electric supercar?

That said, more power as well as ways to efficiently put it down are more than welcome when it comes to electric supercars. No doubt this system would be too complicated, but for a supercar it’s no big deal. This could also mean that McLaren could soon use this technology on its upcoming electric supercar.

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