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Lamborghini hyllar

Lamborghini hyllar

Lamborghini pays homage

Lamborghini celebrates Back in 1963, Lamborghini revealed the Miura to the world. Many claim that this is the first supercar. Therefore, as the car turns 60 years old, Lamborghini has released a video to celebrate the same.

The premise of the new video is the fact that the Miura was the first supercar and how that led to other manufacturers also coming out with their supercars. 

Lamborghini pays homage

Lamborghini celebrates The Miura’s production first began in 1966. Lamborghini produced only 764 cars before production ended in 1973. The Italian automaker had installed a 3.9-liter V12 engine to power the Miura. Over the years, there have been smaller lumps of power in the engine’s output.

The Miura stirs emotions among car enthusiasts, but the future ahead is not so great for the world of supercars. With government restrictions on emissions, there will soon be a phase-out of traditional ICE engines and car manufacturers will be forced to use electric powertrains. In fact, the next-generation car, which will replace the Aventador, will already have a hybrid powertrain – a first for Lamborghini. Furthermore, the car manufacturer has also confirmed that by 2024 the entire range would be electrified.

 The European Union has banned the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2035.

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