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Range Rover SV Lansdowne 2024

Range Rover SV Lansdowne 2024

Range Rover SV Lansdowne 2024

Range Rover SV Lansdowne 2024 Land Rover put its Special Vehicles (SV) division to work on another special called the Lansdowne Edition. Don’t worry, you can’t buy it – it’s limited to the UK, Land Rover is only making 16 of them, production is pre-selling at £250,000 ($301,565 US) a pop. The automaker didn’t explain the name, but it created the limited edition to celebrate a new store in London’s particularly posh Mayfair suburb. Mayfair also happens to be the site of Lansdowne House, completed in 1768 as a residence for a number of very important people, now home to exclusive private entities such as the Mayfair Club and soon the global headquarters of Blackstone private equity. Namely, the number of Land Rovers per capita for Landsowne regulars must be extraordinary.

Range Rover SV Lansdowne 2024

To the SUV itself. The designers at Land Rover Special Vehicles say the colors are inspired by Mayfair’s architecture. This means an exclusive Lansdowne Gray Gloss paint topped off with a Corris Gray Gloss roof and matching wing mirror caps. There’s more Corris Gray along the edges of the 23-inch forged satin black wheels. The greyscale parade touches on the other side of the spectrum with SV Anthracite and Graphite Atlas accents, black chrome script branding created by Fattorini, Britain’s oldest family-owned jeweller, and a black Land Rover oval with a white ceramic surround and laser-etched SV logos.

The interior is stitched with rosewood and ebony ”near aniline” leather, offset by Satin Black controls, leather-trimmed ebony mohair floor mats and moonlight chrome accents. The illuminated sill plates radiate script with the text ”SV Bespoke – Lansdowne Edition 1 of 16.” And when it’s time to relax in something other than the business class rear seats, the trunk is optioned with the Tailgate Event Suite that enhances relaxation on the greens with extra lighting, extra sound and custom leather cushions.

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Of course, the only engine option is the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 with 523 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque.

Range Rover SV Lansdowne 2024

In case anyone doesn’t think this is Range Rover’s latest attempt to try to creep up a price bracket or two, know that this is nothing new. In 1999, the automaker released just 10 examples of the Range Rover Linley priced at £100,000, which the Bank of England says is equivalent to £168,767 ($203,576 US) today. And neither it nor the Lansdowne tops the latest SV creation, the SV Carmel Edition priced at $346,475 and limited to 17 examples.


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